In Search Of Brilliance
I have a real passion for helping people achieve their goals and ambitions and everyone has the capacity for significant positive change in whatever area of their lives they decide to work on. With expert support and guidance people can be empowered to make lasting changes and do great things.
I have worked with some amazing individuals and teams in Sports and Business and feature in the best selling book “Redemption: From Iron Bars to Ironman” by John Mcavoy 


I offer a range of services based around Performance Coaching and I am also a qualified Yoga Teacher. Enjoy exploring the website and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.





John McAvoy

Nike sponsored Triathlete, Indoor Rowing World Record Holder, Ironman competitor and Bronze Medallist at the European Indoor Rowing Championships 2012

I met Terry through a chance encounter or some would say it was destiny. I believe the latter. Our paths crossed just before I was about to row in my first major championships whilst still serving a prison sentence and he gave me the confidence and strength to believe in myself and show me I could go and compete against international standard rowers. He even made the journey to watch me race which on the day to know he was in the crowd gave me that extra confidence and strength of mind which relaxed me.



Terry is an inspirational leader of people. He is a true exponent of coaching

Gary Robinson


In my 20 odd years working with managers, directors and business owners there are only really three people who have influenced me to any great extent, Terry is one of these. He has an immensely fast thinking pattern, is genuinely interested in people development, including his own, and knows how to create an environment that will unlock the potential in anyone. Whilst I only worked for Terry for 7 months I truly developed and changed more in those 7 months that I think I did in the preceding 7 years and enjoyed the experience.

Dean Barker

Yoga Student

Bloody brilliant, thank you Terry. I joined Terrys class feeling nervous and completely new to Yoga in January 2020. He instantly made me feel so relaxed, his instructions are clear and the lessons appropriately given for your ability level, which he knows without you even knowing. Gentle guidance and gentle pushing have made me fall in love with something as a man I used to laugh about but secretly admire. My core is so much stronger and I really look forward to his lessons. As your typical ‘bloke’ I can not recommend Terrys Yoga lessons enough, it should be compulsory. Thank you Terry and I look forward to the handstand one day!

Laura Wheeler

British Rowing Gold medallist 2012 and member of the GB rowing squad 2012

In sport you train to be the fastest you can become but often the mental aspect gets put aside. I am a firm believer in mental training and regularly use visualisation especially prior to races. Terry helped me to enhance the use of visualisation by encouraging me to use all my senses rather than just one or two. The biggest part Terry played in my mental training was the way in which I approached a race and the opposition I faced.

Morgana House


Due to his level of knowledge and experience he was invaluable when working with customers to ensure that they had the best solution to meet their needs. He helped frame me to be the sales person that I am today

Chris Edmends


Having the expertise and knowledge of Terry has been game changing. I’ve gone from training unstructured 7 times a week to have a fully supported structured plan, combining art and science with a plan that works perfectly for me. Since having Terry on board I’ve completed my first ever marathon and multiple cycling events, breaking all of my records. With Terry’s scientific coaching my body has time to recover whilst delivering incredible results in terms of fitness and performance.

Tara Christopher


Terry is extremely supportive and dedicated…… he is always trying to get the best out of you. He helped me improve my confidence and helped me channel my drive and determination. Terry is the most inspiring manager I have ever worked with.

Lynda Bollen

Yoga Student

I am relatively new to Yoga and felt nervous on joining and feeling out of my depth but Terry has shown me that we all have unique physical abilities and responses yet we can enjoy this practice in the company of others no matter what stage we are. Terry is an extremely skilled instructor who helps bring my mind and body into balance

Juan Lyall


Terry and I were travelling together on business when, speaking about venturing to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, I shared with him my extreme fear of heights. I didn’t truly appreciate this until later but from that moment Terry began to subtlety encourage and motivate me to overcome that fear without pressure. Once at the top of the tower I chose to walk on the glass floor some 116 stories above the ground! Previously this simply was not going to happen, it would have been impossible and so I thank you Terry for the positive and practical approach to overcoming this fear and I am now not afraid of heights at all.

Matthew Bradley


As a newcomer to Yoga I have enjoyed your instruction and the relaxed yet focused atmosphere. There has been a good mix of practicing previously taught moves and introducing new ones or variations and I have appreciated this progressive development approach. I can see the improvement in my ability to perform some of the core poses, and it always adds interest to try new ones. Especially when they are more challenging and stretch my abilities! I am feeling the benefits in terms of my general flexibility, especially related to cycling, and expect this will continue to improve along with my yoga technique. My motivation for yoga is to improve my general well-being and resistance to injury, and feel happy that it is positively contributing to this aim.


HMP Nottingham

Terrys talk was interesting and I found some of his comments really helpful and motivational. It helped me to understand several aspects of my training and goals.

Louise Hart

High Performance Rowing Athlete    

Terry has helped me a lot these last few months. I came to him struggling to finish certain sessions and he has helped me with both visualisation and motivation. I am now a stronger athlete and feel more mentally prepared for intense sessions. We have worked on turning negative experiences into positive ones and to focus on getting more out of myself. I thoroughly recommend Terrys coaching.

Sarah Waite


Coaching has helped me to think 'outside the box’ more. Before coaching I would normally react instantly to an issue and often jump to conclusions. Now I think more about things and try to resolve the issue first.


HMP Nottingham

Terry helped me see how the positive and negative can affect the mind on performance and training.

Keith Dennard


12 months ago I didn't even own a road bike and I'm now sitting here having successfully completed the Tour of the Peaks sportive thanks to Terrys coaching. It is without doubt one of the toughest UK one day rides with 113 miles and 11,600ft of climbing and I only achieved it thanks to Terry's incredible knowledge in all areas of my training. From setting a bespoke training plan, to advising on nutrition, to managing the actual race he left no stone unturned. The result was not just finishing but coming 362nd out of 1360 riders! And I lost 4 stone to boot. Thank you so much Terry.

Mark Carrington


It is easy to become fixed in a way of working, particularly if that way has proved relatively successful over a period of time. Your coaching has reminded me that there are always choices and that the default approach isn’t necessarily always the best one. As an example, I am comfortable doing presentations and was recognized in my company competition last year for delivering messages well.  However, following your recent sessions, in which no direct advice was given, I was moved to reconsider my delivery methodology and style and I believe my standard of delivery has improved dramatically as a result.

Lorraine Bamblett


I am a beginner runner and Terry began by offering a program and advice as soon as I completed a couch to 5k program.  He has helped me understand that by monitoring my HR that my pace will increase.  The program has been easy to follow and has increased my pace and distance.  When advice is needed he always responds.  He offers encouragement and praise for my efforts no matter how small.  Without his help I wouldn’t have completed a 10k and certainly wouldn’t be thinking of entering a half marathon next year! I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Morgana House


Due to his level of knowledge and experience he was invaluable when working with customers to ensure that they had the best solution to meet their needs. He helped frame me to be the sales person that I am today.

Jessica Woodhall


Terry's coaching has become great for me professionally and personally through constant support, providing insight, powerful questioning and has really helped me challenge my own way of working and managing. I now try and bring a little bit of Terry to everything I do. His dedication to coaching and in everything he does is clearly visible - he is a good listener, non-judgmental and resourceful.  It has been a pleasure working with him over this period.

Michelle Parry


I have been running on and off for about 5 years now. I have run various 5k, 10k events and a half marathon.  Throughout this time I have struggled to stay motivated and found myself dropping the running for a few months then starting up again. I have never been speedy and have just always plodded along.  In September 2016 Terry Williamson started to coach me. I was very sceptical but thought I would give it a go.  Terry devised a realistic training schedule specific to me. At first I thought it was too easy and I was no way going to progress - how wrong was I? My training schedule is fantastic!  I have become a more efficient runner, I have learnt to run without gasping for breath for the first 3k, I have become faster without even realising it, I feel fitter and stronger than ever. And to top it all, I have lost 1.5 stone without even having to diet. I have learnt not to clock watch for speed and pace, but to focus on my heart rate.  As a coach, Terry has motivated me when I have questioned my ability to achieve, he has given encouragement and positive feedback at just the right times for me to keep pushing through. Terry is tough but fair, he sets targets and expects them to be met.  For the first time ever I actually enjoy and look forward to my runs, knowing I am improving all the time.  I really can’t thank him enough for what he has helped me achieve and I would never have done this without his help and support. I would just still be plodding along hating every minute of every run. Terry is an awesome coach who clearly has an in-depth knowledge and a huge passion for sport and helping others achieve their goals and passions.

Peter Allen


Terry has been a great mentor to me, helping me develop in a challenging new environment.

Janette Vyse

Yoga Student

I started attending Terry’s yoga class after he was recommended by a friend, and immediately loved his style of teaching and yoga practice - which he has continued to provide virtually during the pandemic. He creates a relaxed and welcoming environment for all abilities. He has the right balance of nurture whilst also encouraging improvement. He maintains a strong sense of professionalism, which creates a feeling of trust and safety, but he also brings a great humour! I always look forward to his classes and can definitely feel the benefits to both my well-being and physical fitness. Thanks Terry!

Simon Riches


I have found a number of areas that coaching has helped me, which include improving my processes for managing sales opportunities as well as believing and trusting the process through to closure. This has also had a positive knock on effect with increased productivity – focusing my efforts in the right areas which also helps to deliver increased confidence even when things aren’t going my way.

David Eiffert


I have been working with Terry for the last 3 months after setting myself a goal of competing in my first triathlon. I have found the bespoke training plan put together great to follow. Terry ensures my training regime fits around my work and personal life and changes the plan around to fit in with my needs. Always on hand to answer any questions I have, his knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement have really helped me make impressive gains over the last 3 months. My first triathlon was a great success, surpassing the goals I had set myself. I have more events planned for the year and I’m looking forward to making further improvements working with Terry.

John Doyle

Hewlett Packard

His ethos and approach to management is one that the individual and the team react to positively. Without doubt it's the culture of his teams that impresses most, professional at all times yet able to enjoy their role and express their initative within a well supported environment. That culture marks Terry apart, it builds loyalty and fuels performance. His strengths, read like Kipling's great poem.

Sam Parr


Terry has the ability to inspire and motivate others to perform and achieve their best and I would recommend him to anyone



I have been working with Terry for the last 3 years starting shortly after I had completed a couch to 5k program. Terrys Coaching has been a huge driving force in achieving some brilliant milestones and helping improve my fitness and health. Over the last 3 years, I have competed in multiple triathlons including finishing the Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire. I have also competed in a number of half marathons running a time of 1hr 43mins at the Liverpool half this year knocking 10 minutes off my time in a year. Terrys training is well structured, easy to follow and enjoyable to do. The flexible coaching style allows me to structure my training around my Job and other commitments even as things crop up changes are always possible helping me to stay on track even when life gets in the way. Terry is always on hand to answer any questions and explain the training sessions and results with regular messages and calls. This helps me understand what we are achieving and keeps me engaged. Since working with Terry my fitness has drastically increased but more importantly my health has vastly improved and as a result so has my life. I am excited to see what the next 3 years can bring.

Martin Frankton


No matter how good you are or what experience you have, it is so easy to fall into a downward spiral and stop believing and doubting your own ability. This is a situation I found myself in. This often leads to uncharacteristic behaviour and desperation which can only lead to failure. Working with a quality coach allowed me to re-focus my mind, my goals and ultimately my approach. As they say a problem shared is a problem halved. Quite often you know the answers yourself but working with Terry allowed me to bring everything into perspective, re-align my priorities and get everything back on track through a series of on-going coaching sessions. The sessions with Terry help me to remain focused, learn and develop myself further. One year later I find myself having blitzed my target after 5 months of the financial year. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Jodie Ward


I just want to say how brilliant Terry has been as a coach. I have been running on and off for about 6 years, but I have never got faster and was desperate to do so. Terry started coaching me in the summer of 2017 and took me right back to basics, taught me about heart rate and how running slow can actually help you to run fast. In March of 2018 I completed a half marathon, shaving 15 minutes off my previous PB and in April 2019 I completed the London Marathon! His training has helped me focus and see the wood from the trees. His different types of runs with specific instructions (sprint work/hill repeats/stride etc) have helped enormously, as before I just ‘went for a run’ I am now a more confident runner, better and faster. Thank you Terry

Paul Kenyon


Terry is a great guy to work with. He always listens to what is required and provides a suitable solution to resolve, but with a commercial lens to suit. I would have no issue recommending Terry

Ben Gibson


This may sound dramatic, but it sincerely has made me take a good look at myself and those around me whom my actions and thoughts impact on a daily basis - both at work and in my private time with family and friends. I can now control my emotions (well a lot more than I used to!) when faced with daily predicaments in the office and at home. I do this in a way that I never thought possible, I can mentally take a huge step out of situations so I don’t react to the issue. Instead I begin by trying to understand how others may perceive the same issue in relation to their background, their experience and their own individual aims, desires or goals. This has completely changed the way I work, live and behave. Please don’t stop coaching in the manner you do - it is refreshing, challenging and fascinating.

Ade Shaw

3 times Ironman Triahlete

I used Terry for nutrition advice and started to hit PB’s (personal bests) within 2 weeks of making the dietary changes. After two months I ran the Birmingham marathon on very little training and ran 12 minutes faster than the previous year and broke my half marathon record by 5 minutes which had stood for 4 years!

Rachel Staff

Yoga Student

Terry's yoga classes are great; an 'ego free' zone. Friendly, enjoyable, challenging, informative and clearly driven by a love of yoga. I am new to yoga with much to learn but am already appreciating the benefits, always feel good afterwards!

Becky May

Yoga Student

Terry's classes are professional and second to none. I have tried a range of classes at different venues and nothing quite compares. He's personable, knowledgeable and most of all, the classes are enjoyable. If you're looking for a class that is relaxed, but with lots of modifications to push your own practice, then look no further.

Terri Johnson

Yoga Student

The difference Terry’s Yoga Class has made to me during the last 18 months In both mind & body is brilliant. I had always enjoyed being fit but had to stop due to a foot injury. Eventually I tried his class & have not looked back. Terry is an excellent teacher and classes are so informative, teaching not only many yoga positions but the reasons for theIr being, their uses and the way the body works alongside them as well as how to focus the mind. It is relaxed & informal whilst being focused & inspiring. During lockdown Terry has been able to continue yoga classes online which has helped immensely as well as reaching others not usually able to attend his classes. At 68 I can definitely say you are never too old to learn!

Michelle Quinlivan

Yoga Student

I have been participating in Terrys on-line yoga sessions since the Coronavirus lockdown commenced. Terry provides clear instruction and guidance, essential for those who wish to continue their practice yet not experienced enough to so independently. The sessions have been a real life-line for me in these surreal times, an opportunity to relax, centre, recharge and breathe.

Sean Rynn


I’ve been working with Terry for just under a year now, and he has helped me in multiple capacities, from training, professional guidance to injury prevention. During that time, there has never been a question unanswered and plenty of guidance provided. But what has impressed me the most working with Terry, is his obvious passion for what he does and always offering up some of his time, even though he doesn’t have a lot of it.