In Search Of Brilliance

PODCAST: If this man can turn his life around so can you.

John Rangan

I am fortunate to be great friends with John McAvoy and still help him with his mission to help as many people as possible. You can listen to the Dr Chattergee podcast here


Is there a change you’d like to make in your life? Something you’re desperate to overcome, but can’t see how? Or a goal you’re scared to aim for, because it feels too far off? My guest on this week’s podcast might just convince you to have a go. He’s John McAvoy, endurance athlete extraordinaire, author and the man with one of the most inspirational stories I have ever heard. John was born into a notorious crime family and has served a total of 10 years in some of the UK’s highest security prisons, for armed robbery. He was raised into a life of organised crime and, as a teenager, it was the only career path he could see for himself. In fact, he bought his first gun at the age of 16 and very quickly became one of the UK’s most wanted men. How did he go from serving two life sentences to breaking British and World sporting records and giving talks to schoolchildren? From violent criminal to opinion leader, invited to 10 Downing Street for his views on the justice system? You’ll have to listen and find out. Not only is every part of John’s story worthy of a Hollywood movie script, the lessons and life advice he shares are relevant to each and every one of us. Whether you’re interested in his rowing and Ironman success, how he transformed his moral code or how he overcame adversity, this really is a compelling conversation. I know you’re going to be as gripped by John as I was.