In Search Of Brilliance

Why do you care?

There are several questions I often ask my clients when they become focussed and sometimes obsessed on the successes, and sometimes failures of others because they actually think it really impacts on them personally.

Why do you care? How does it affect you? What makes you think this is important? 

It can be fascinating how people can become so fixated on others to the complete detriment of their own performance and in some instances their mental sanity.

David Brailsford, one of the most successful sports coaches of the modern era, talks about "control the controllables" and in simple speak there are two controllables that you can 100% take ownership of. 

1. Your thoughts

2. Your actions

And 2 follows 1.

Everything else is not within your control despite what you may have been conditioned to think, and once this realisation hits home you can start to take full responsibility for your performance - good, bad or indifferent. And remember if you really must blame others for your failures then you must also blame them for your successes......