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Principles vs Tactics

So what's the difference between a principle and a tactic. Well firstly let me describe each and then we can make the link.

Principles are absolute. They exist in their own right and are external to personal representation systems. Trust, integrity, courage, humility and honour are all examples of principles that are the bedrock to a character ethic. As individuals we develop and choose to own these as values - or not as the case may be. However they remain constant irrespective of our perceptions.

This is where tactics come in. So what is a tactic?


When you decide to act for gain by flexing the use of a principle then you are using tactics. For example, doing the right thing is not something that should change depending on whether it benefits you or not. You are either principled or you are not. External factors should not affect your principles, if they do you are using tactics.

So embrace the principles you believe in and let them show you the way to being authentic and true to your self.